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Well Inspection
(Springfield MA & CT)

Our experienced technicians measure the well flow rate over the course of an hour to be sure the well does not run out of water and check for visible signs of wear or damage to key visible components. The inspection begins with a visual examination of the wellhead and pump system to check for any visible signs of wear, damage, or corrosion. We'll also check the electrical connections, pressure switches, and other key visible components to ensure they are functioning properly. If issues are detected, this may involve repairs or upgrades to your well/pump system or other steps may need to be taken to improve the flow and quality of your water supply.

Old Dug Well

MaintainPrivate Well

Groundwater Protection: Private well owners should be aware of potential sources of groundwater contamination in their vicinity, such as septic systems, underground storage tanks, or agricultural activities. Taking measures to prevent contamination, such as proper waste disposal and maintaining safe distances from potential pollution sources, is vital.

Pump and System Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of the well pump and system are necessary to ensure efficient operation. This includes checking pressure tanks, pressure switches, and electrical connections, as well as scheduling professional well cleaning or rehabilitation, if needed. By staying informed and taking proactive steps in these areas, private well owners can effectively maintain their well systems and ensure the delivery of clean and safe drinking water to their homes.

Regular Water Testing: Private well owners should prioritize regular water testing to ensure the safety and quality of their drinking water. Testing for parameters like bacteria, nitrates, pH levels, and other contaminants is essential to identify potential issues and take appropriate measures.

Well Maintenance: Understanding and implementing proper well maintenance practices is crucial. This includes regular inspection of well components, checking for signs of leaks or damage, and ensuring proper sealing of the well casing to prevent any potential sources of contamination

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