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Drone Inspection Services

 Servicing Springfield MA,
Western MA & Connecticut

Improved Inspection with a Drone 

Drone Chimney and Roof View

Discover unparalleled views of your property with our specialized drone inspection services at Cosmic Property Inspections. By harnessing the capabilities of advanced drone technology, we transform routine property assessments into thorough and detailed evaluations. Our premium drones are equipped with cutting-edge cameras that provide high-resolution images and videos. This allows us to offer a comprehensive overview of your property from angles and perspectives that were once out of reach, ensuring no detail is missed. Our drone delivers key information quickly and clearly, from assessing hard-to-reach roofs, evaluating chimneys or just providing a new view of your property.

Drone Inspection Benefits

Curious about what sets our drone inspections apart? Here’s a closer look:

  • Expert Navigation: Our expertise extends beyond simple drone operation. We use sophisticated drone technology combined with extensive field experience to deliver smart, targeted inspections with purposeful data collection.

  • Customized Service: We understand that each property is unique. That's why we tailor every drone inspection to meet the specific needs whether it's a residential home or a commercial building.

Drone Mavic 3E

  • In-Depth Analysis: While standard inspections might only scratch the surface, our drones go further. We capture detailed images and videos that reveal subtle issues which might be overlooked otherwise. This thorough analysis ensures a complete picture of your property’s condition.

  • Insightful Interpretation: Our job starts with data collection but goes much further. Our expert analysts carefully review the data to provide clear, useful advice for improving or maintaining your property, turning complex data into straightforward action steps.

By integrating advanced technology with human expertise, our drone inspections provide a comprehensive and insightful overview of your property, setting new standards in property assessment.

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Why Opt for a Drone Inspection from Us?

Exceptional Accuracy

Our drones catch minor issues that traditional methods often miss, providing a new standard of detail


Drones help ensure the safety of inspectors protecting them from potential falls

Efficiency Time Saver

Our drones streamline the inspection process dramatically ensuring a quality and detailed inspection

Hard Areas to Reach

Allows for inspecton of areas that cannot be seen from the ground or inaccessable areas

Value Added

Our drones perform thorough checks that can catch what traditional methods might overlook

Inspection Review

Able to assess detail roof pictures and videos after the inspection

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